A lifelong artist and entrepreneur, Alise loves nothing more than an adventure down a road not taken. This spirit of adventure and love of mystery has led Alise to explore new ways of making art by marrying what she loves most which is nature, photography, and working with new technologies to achieve what she sees in her imagination and feels in her bones.

September 25, 2013

The old oak tree and its visitors

Today we had a visit from a whole flock of Cedar Waxwings- very unusual looking- sort of like yellow blue jays with a batman mask. Love these guidebooks!

September 22, 2013

Mojo as a puppy

He was my little bear. He was a Shiba inu We were best buds and he was almost always by my side. When I came home he would talk to me in his Shiba language- if you have never heard a shiba inu talk- check it out in you tube- hilarious! 

Missing our dog Mojo

Mojo was our wonderful beloved dog -
We lost him to a sudden illness 2 days ago and are really very very sad not to have him here with us. Here's a card
I made for him. He is very happy with our two cats and a bird that helped him cross peacefully to the other side.

September 15, 2013

Where to begin the story...

I'm taking a memoir writing class so I dug out a buried box of my journals dating way way back to 1976. I have been  journaling most of my life. Perusing through them to see if anything seems like a good story to start with because I need to write something to share in class tomorrow. I am thinking of sharing pieces of older journal entries juxtaposed with what's happening now- looking for the seeds I planted way back then that led me here. Will be a good history lesson and walk down memory lane. I have always wanted my life to be exciting and meaningful. This quote by Helen Keller has pretty much been my mantra. "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all" So off I go in search of the beginning of the story. My Cat Casey is ready to jump in too!

September 7, 2013

A beautiful moment..

My handsome son and beautiful grandbaby! He is a wonderful father.

Checkout our tokens in Sundance catalog! 

September 3, 2013

Who doesn't love puppies!

This is a great idea- I would definitely visit " The puppy room" on
a regular basis!

September 1, 2013

Sausalito art festival

Gorgeous day - amazing artists here
Most from the Bay Area- we have a lot of creative talent around here!