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A lifelong Artist, Inventor and entepreneur Alise loves nothing more than a good adventure down a path she has not taken before. This spirit of adventure and love of mystery has led Alise to explore new ways of making art by marrying what she loves most which is nature, photography, and working with cool new technologies to acheive what she sees in her imagination and feels in her bones. The work shown here is just a sampling of what has been created using camera and ipad aling with mixed media painting and encaustic like techniques.

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Alise Sheehan Art

March 23, 2016

Its all a mystery

Off to a retreat to learn about the great mysteries of life- will be a true adventure which is just what I love most. Back soon with hopefully something new to share.

February 27, 2016

Life in the abstract

Painting an abstract feels like life at times. Not knowing what it is really about but moving forward with purpose, finding a way to create balance with your senses. And being a mystery of sorts to everyone else- as they all create thier own meaning from what they experience in your painting.

January 27, 2016


"The fiercest dragons guard the richest treasures" Rilke

January 24, 2016

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