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Alise is a passionate and lifelong artist. Her creativity crosses over many areas including painting and sculpture, photography, as well as jewelry and product design. Wishnest is a successful brand that Alise designed and created, an inspirational line of jewelry and gift products. Wishnest is now licensed to DEMDACO and they do the making and selling.


Alise Sheehan Art

January 27, 2016


"The fiercest dragons guard the richest treasures" Rilke

January 24, 2016

January 15, 2016

Embracing The Lines

Embracing The Lines
By Alise Sheehan

My art has taken me in a new direction- a turn unexpected and wonderful..
"I dream the painting and paint the dream" Van Gogh

January 11, 2016

Flower Child

Flower Child
A painting and a poem
By Alise Sheehan

Felt today like the only way to get past the hole in the ground

Was to jump into the dream
of a painting of water of a flower

Unbearable softness and grace

I am now on my knees
white light surrounding me
opening the darkness to reveal

That I AM the dark hole
the ground and the flower
the painter and the painting
the softness and the light

-Alise Sheehan

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